• Nicky E. Collins

    Minister | Realtor®️ |Master Mentor | Certified Transformational Life Coach-Trainer

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    Wife, Mother, Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, and Certified Life Transformational Coach/Trainer, Nicky Collins brings a refreshing, passion filled, faith driven Message of Purpose to everyone she meets. A known voice of Influence in her community and change agent, she specializes in helping people discover and pursue God’s purpose for their lives. She has published four books, “Discovering You”, “30-Days To Change…Going From A What To A Wonder,” “Chosen," and her latest book, "Now Is Your Time!" In 2015, she officially opened NEC Consulting LLC, a multi-purpose business and life management company geared towards enhancing individual achievement and the pursuit of life goals. NEC has two dynamic areas of focus, NEC Publishing, and Coaching/Mentoring through programs including, The Ruth Mentoring Project for Women and Girls, and Positive Peers Mentoring & Coaching for youth. Nicky also serves is an Associate Pastor at Simply Grace Community Church and Director of Carlos & Nicky Collins Ministries.


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  • N.E.C. Mentoring & Coaching Institute

    Services To Help You Live "Life In The Now"

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    1:1 Sessions

    Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one time with someone to talk about Life and how to move forward.

    Nicky Collins can help you.

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    Group Mentoring

    The Ruth Academy offers a 6-month online mentoring program designed to help women discover Life purpose and become better leaders in every area of their lives.

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    Dr. Nicky Collins is a Certified Life Coach Trainer, Master Mentor, and Founder of NEC Mentoring & Coaching Institute. Her services include, but are not limited to Keynote/Conference speaking, Media Hosting, Team Building Workshops, and 1:1 Coaching.

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    Worship w/Nicky Collins

    Nicky Collins currently serves as Associate Pastor at Simply Grace Community Church.

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