• The Ruth Project Class 7: Graduation

    The Ruth Project Class 7 will have a Drive-Thru Graduation Celebration, Sunday, July 26 at 5p.m.

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    Introducing: The Ruth Academy

    Starting 08.08.20

    Now Is Your Time

    New Book Journal...Encouraging You To G.R.O.W.

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    Girl Check 7

    Every "7th" day of the month we are encouraging women everywhere to perform self breast exams, mammograms and overall body checks!

  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Classes:July 2020

    Life Coaching Certification Class

    Now Offered Online!!!

    Join Dr. Nicky Collins for an online Life Coaching Certification Class.

    One Course fee for all materials and certification.

    Online course fee: $450

    (Refunds only available up until 1-week before the class)

    Introducing: The Ruth Academy

    Online Classes Begin: 08.08.20

    Registration: $99; Online Classes: $99/per class;

    Dr. Nicky Collins is the founder of The Ruth Academy For Women and Girls.

    The Academy offers a 6-month online mentorship program with classes to help participants grow spiritually, as well as in the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship and overall personal wellness.


    Life In The Now Radio

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  • About Dr. Nicky E. Collins

    Life Strategist/Change Agent.

    "The World Is My Pulpit!"

    Pastor, Author, Wife, Entrepreneur, Television Host, Mother, Empowerment Coach…Dr. Nicky E. Collins brings a refreshing, passion filled, faith driven Message of Purpose to everyone she meets. A known Voice of Influence in her community, She carries a motivating presence to the Faith based and small business sector, encouraging people to pursue their dreams no matter what. A published author, her latest book, "Chosen," is a dynamic testimony of what it means to be "Chosen" for the Victory and the Battle. She is the owner of N.E.C. Consulting and founder of The Ruth Project, a 6-month mentoring program for women. She also serves as a Pastor along with her husband(Apostle Carlos L. Collins) at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, "Where The People Are Great! Find out more at www.hdchurchtallahassee.org

  • N.E.C. Mentoring & Coaching Institute

    Services To Help You Live "Life In The Now"

    1:1 Sessions

    Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one time with someone to talk about Life and how to move forward.

    Nicky Collins can help you.

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    Group Mentoring

    The Ruth Academy offers a 6-month online mentoring program designed to help women discover Life purpose and become better leaders in every area of their lives.


    Dr. Nicky Collins is a Certified Life Coach Trainer, Master Mentor, and Founder of NEC Mentoring & Coaching Institute. Her services include, but are not limited to Keynote/Conference speaking, Media Hosting, Team Building Workshops, and 1:1 Coaching.

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    Worship w/Nicky Collins

    Nicky Collins currently Pastors with her husband(Apostle Carlos Collins) at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee.

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