• Life Coach Trainer

    Dr. Nicky Collins is a Certified Master Life Coach Trainer who specializes in helping people unlock their purpose.

    She offers customized

    1:1 Coaching sessions as well as group coaching seminars.

    Dr. Nicky is certified through the Bloom University Life Coaching Program

    and also offers Life Coaching Certification.

    Life Coaching Certification Class

    $50 Registration Fee

    $399 Course Fee(includes all materials)

    (Please be sure to include all of your contact information when you register)

    (Registration Fee is non-refundable, non-transferable)


    The Chosen Leader Seminar

    "Building Vision"

    This seminar is hosted by Dr. Nicky E. Collins and L.Michelle Salvant.

    Participants will receive information and gain key insight into what it takes to excel

    from a Visionary and a Builder)

    $25 Registration Fee/Individual

    Group rates available.

    (Registration Fee is non-refundable, non-transferable)


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